Cyber Security

Protection against cyber threats is an important aspect of modern businesses operating in the digital sphere.

At Nano Solutions we offer expert advice and recommendations on how to best guard your business against cyber attacks. With more and more businesses moving towards a digital future it has never been more important to safeguard your business from cyber threats.

Our services cover a wide range of the cyber security spectrum, from educating businesses on best security practices, through to identifying specific vulnerabilities within a system. The importance of cyber security education cannot be underestimated, the best way to protect against cyber crime is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. The other aspect of our service catalogue delves deeper into specific vulnerabilities that are present within your organisation. Using modern tools and techniques (outlined below) we can provide a complete overview and report on the health of your business’s cyber security defences.

Penetration testing (also called ethical hacking) uses techniques favoured by hackers to test the security and robustness of digital assets. Penetration testing enables us to identify any serious vulnerabilities that could provide avenues into your systems.

Our auditing services compare your system’s risk level against a baseline or against industry approved standards. Audits are an important measuring tool to gauge the minimum level of security that your business should possess.

If your company needs to be updated on the latest cybersecurity best practices, or needs to be made aware of the latest digital and cyber threats, then we can help. The best defence against falling foul of cybersecurity hacks and threats is to ensure your employees are aware of the current threats present within the digital sphere. Our consulting services also encompass best practice approaches to data backups, password protocols, privacy and protection of information and data.

The Nano Approach:

Every business is unique and therefore you need cyber security that reflects the unique situation that you find your business in. We understand the nuances that differentiate you from your competitors and we can tailor a cybersecurity plan that protects your specific interests. Our unique approach of lateral thinking allows us to view your problem from many different angles, ensuring your business and assets are secure and not vulnerable. We don’t aim to completely overhaul your systems, our approach provides little fixes and solutions that sure up your defences and don’t break the bank.

FAQ/Did You Know?

  • 60% of businesses experience cyber crime
  • 14, 804 attacks in 2016
  • 60% of targeted attacks hit small and medium businesses

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