Custom Portals

If your business has a broad catalogue of different tools, software and functions that employees need to regularly access then a custom portal may be the perfect solution.

A custom portal acts as a centralised online location that provides access to functions such as CRM tools, important company information and online systems. The benefit of a custom portal is the way in which it can be specifically designed to work seamlessly with your current systems, creating an elegant, organised and interactive portal for employees to access.

Deciding to build a custom portal can be an important business milestone. If your business utilises multiple platforms, software packages and online tools then a custom portal can provide a distinct opportunity to significantly increase your efficiency. The ability to have one central access point for different software packages as well as a central location to store and access files will provide a large boost in productivity and efficiency.

  • Advantages of a custom portal:
  • Helps to increase efficiency in the workplace
  • Minimise paperwork by collating and storing forms online
  • Provide a centralised location to access your individual tools and software
  • Central access point to fill-in and send forms
  • Organise internal communication and processes

The Nano Approach:

We understand that each business and company is different and because of this fact an out of the box solution is not an option for many organisations. We approach the development of custom portals in a pragmatic and business focussed way, just like everything we do. The end product that we deliver offers everything required to meet your unique needs whilst removing the unneeded extras that can make your system clunky and slow.

Everything we develop is specifically designed to improve the efficiency and organisation of your business. As we write our code we keep your business objectives in the forefront of our mind. This ensures that the end product works exactly as you need.

Real World Example:

Perpetual Property Care were tired of time-consuming paper forms and problems sharing files between themselves, so they called on us to help. We developed an online portal that allowed Perpetual Property Care to quickly and easily share information. The simple online forms that we developed have enabled Perpetual Property Care to submit and review documents in one centralised place that is easily accessible to all.

In addition to the online portal we also developed e-Forms that allow employees and managers to automatically generate reports based on uploaded forms and data.

FAQ/Did You Know?

  • Portals provide a more seamless experience for staff
  • Simplify organisational efficiency with one centralised access point. Provides staff with one single user experience.

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