SLSA Operations App

The SLSA Operations App is used by lifesaver patrols around Australia to manage their operations and mitigate risk on our beaches.



Create a powerful app that supports beach patrol team operations.

With so many lifesavers patrolling beaches everyday in Australia,  the app had to address all their operational needs, be simple to use while on duty and work on all devices.


Nano Solution

A very user friendly app that requires virtually no training.

It allows patrol members to manage their roster, status, flag patrol, hazards & rescue locations, upload photos and record GPS positions while driving a patrol vehicle. It’s also possible to assess the risk associated with the beach condition and the resulting score then helps the team to implement measures to mitigate any risks.

slsa operations app developed by nano solutions


Key Features

SLSA Operations App Project

User features include:

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) – fast, reliable, engaging, easy user uptake, one app for all devices
  • GPS Tracker (Background tracking)
  • Assign Hazards and Rescues to the Beach
  • Photo of the day
  • Fully integration with SLSA systems
  • Deployed to Apple and Google Play store

Technical features include:

  • PWA app
  • Single Page application
  • Using Laravel Framework & VueJS, Cordova
  • Can integrate into any legacy system so no need for an expensive rebuild of your existing system
  • One source of code so  only one implementation and testing needed for any changes or upgrades

Development & Maintenance features include:

  • One highly experienced team building and managing the app
  • One point of contact for clients
  • One bill



Over 1000 beach patrols around Australia use the app each week to successfully manage their duties. The SLSA Operations App enables the lifesavers to do their important work more effectively, which in turn helps our beaches become much safer.

We can develop an app to suit your business or organisational needs and the first step is to simply get in touch.

Working with Nano Solutions is easy: contact us and great things will happen!

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