Software Development

We pride ourselves on being expert developers, committed to producing custom software that is tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Custom software development is at the core of our business. We love the challenge of writing code that solves problems experienced by everyday businesses.

Custom software development brings with it many benefits that can help transform the way in which businesses operate. Because your software is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation there is no additional ‘fluff’ to hinder your work. Generic off-the-shelf software is often bloated with additional features and benefits that sound great on paper but in practice they just create confusion and slow down your systems and colleagues. Our custom software will alleviate the headaches that generic software leaves you with.

Reasons to invest in custom software

  • Powerful: Our software provides a strong footing for you to run and grow your business. We build software from the ground up, ensuring that you receive a product that is built to withstand the complexities and rigours that your business demands.
  • Tailored: Everything you need, nothing you don’t. We take the effort to understand your business, this allows us to build software to your exact specifications. Custom software can be developed to perform a specific function or task. This level of specificity cannot be replicated with generic software.
  • Integrated: Our software works seamlessly with your existing hardware and systems. This faultless integration solves many compatibility problems and issues that are experienced by modern businesses and also allows employees to quickly onboard the new technology.
  • Scalable: Businesses expand and grow at a rapid rate. Software that works for you today may be holding you back tomorrow. By choosing custom software development you are protecting against future changes because our software can be easily scaled to reflect your changing business needs.
  • Upgradeable: Technology moves and develops at a relentless pace, always progressing and improving. Off-the-shelf software is always behind the curve and reacting to new technology developments. Custom software development allows you to decide when you want to upgrade, you are never lagging behind because you’re waiting on a software company to release an upgrade.

The Nano Approach:

We like to think of ourselves as pragmatic thinkers. When we write code or develop custom software we always do so with a clear focus on the end goal. Our development process allows us to look at your project from a practical standpoint, ensuring the software we produce will integrate perfectly with the way you work. We produce clean code and software that is simple to use and easy to onboard.

Our process involves working directly with you and your stakeholders to gain a thorough insight into how your business operates. This understanding and knowledge will guide us as we develop a software solution that is unique to you.

Real World Example: 

Trojan Recruitment Group found it hard to manage client information, internal communication and employee data. Nano Solutions developed a private portal to streamline communication between employees and clients. Users can share files, view invoices and keep track of payments in one place. Previously a mess of paper and timesheets. Now an online portal, employees upload timesheets, managers approve and there is a digital archive for automated payment. Nano Solutions created a platform for job seekers. They are now able to upload personal information and check Visa status, complete e-learning tests and determine job applicability.

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