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Most people in the business world use emails, making them one of the most popular ways of communicating with clients, teams and colleagues. Yet emails do have their downsides, with comments such as “I didn’t get that email” or “I haven’t checked my emails” being all too common.

Relying only on email can slow down productivity and stop you from getting an edge over the competition. A lot of innovation has occurred and you’ll be surprised at the power of the communication apps now available.

Harnessing this technology could be the change you are looking for…

Benefits of Using Communication Apps

With plenty of excellent clouds apps available to help boost communications and productivity, it has never been easier to move away from emailing.

Taking team discussions away from emails provides the opportunity to have all communications occur within the same context, rather than having to leave the context to get in touch through an email. It keeps things simple and easy to follow.

They provide an interface to see what needs doing and a chat/message function for quick communication.

Email does still have its place though, with notifications from all the apps you are using being sent to your email. That allows your email to become more of a storage point than a working unit.

Popular Innovative Communication Apps

With plenty of choice when it comes to picking communication apps, how do you know which ones you could use? Some of the most popular ones include:

Slack – A Messaging App for Teams Used by the NASA team to help put robots on Mars, Slack is a free and paid messaging app suitable for teams of all sizes. It allows you to organise your team conversations in channels, letting everyone see what it happening with the project, team or topic. It helps you keep track of messages through its searchable archive and upload your files, PDFs, documents and spreadsheets to give everybody access to them.

Flowdock – A Chat and Inbox for Teams Flowdock is a free and paid chat and inbox app for teams of any size. Offering real time chat features, as well as a place to store old conversations, Flowdock allows teams to reach decisions together no matter where in the world they live.

Trello – A Flexible and visual way to organise anything with anyone Trello is a highly visual and flexible way of organising work with your team. With real-time lists called cards, keeping everyone informed is easy and ideal for those who prefer visual mediums.

Nano Solutions Knows Your Business Is Unique

Not every business fits an out of the box product. That’s why Nano Solutions can create a unique communication portal specifically to suit your business flow and style.

We can combine features from some of the best apps available or create a bespoke app specifically for you. One that can grow as your business grows.

Contact us today to let us make team communications simple and fast for your business.

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