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Create an online timesheet app that accurately logs work details and payment approvals for temporary and contract workers all over Australia. 


Nano Solution

A web based app that provides a fast and secure portal for employees to enter work times and for employers to approve them for processing and payment.

Previously a mess of paper and spreadsheets, the new TimeWeb App enables workers to quickly input their work times along with meal breaks.

Supervisors and host employers can view and authorise these times so that accurate and on-time payments can be made.

All details are automatically logged on Trojan’s internal systems.

The TimeWeb App is very user friendly and displays perfectly on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. 

trojan recruitment workers use the timeweb app

The TimeWeb App is an modern online timesheet system that enables more productivity.


Key Features

  • Dramatically saves time needed to gather work details and approve payments
  • Very convenient for both employer and employees
  • Reduces use of paper and spreadsheets
  • Integrates with client internal system through an API
  • Data is gathered in a secure system 
  • User-friendly responsive interface that displays perfectly on all devices.
timeweb app dashboard



The TimeWeb App has provided a modern and secure way for Trojan Recruitment Group to log work times and approve accurate payments. Employees and supervisors now spend less time doing paperwork and more time being productive.

Another successful project for Trojan is the Candidate App.

We can develop a similar web based app or custom portal for your organisation or business and the first step is to simply get in touch.

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