BeachSafe App & Website Upgrade For 12,000 Beaches

Published on March 3rd, 2016 - News

Surf Life Saving Australia & Nano Solutions: A Lasting Partnership

If you love the sea and surfing, then you must be familiar with the Surf Life Saving Australia website,, which provides safety-related information and advice about Australia’s 12,000 beautiful beaches.

You may have also noticed it was recently enhanced with more live information to monitor the hazards and conditions on our beaches: this is all down to the work of digital development studio Nano Solutions.

A Website Filled With Amazing – And Useful – Technical Features

The BeachSafe website was originally created by the Nano Solutions team about 5 years ago. Last year, it was revamped to provide more useful real-time data feeds using the latest technology. The results are just as you would expect: a practical website, where you can find anything you need to plan a safe day out at the beach, whether you want to surf or not.

Thanks to Nano Solutions’ specialised integration of relevant data from a selection of providers, the website offers real time information about sea conditions, tides, winds and general weather forecasts for most of Australia’s beaches. Its handy search panel helps everyone find a beach nearby and gives the possibility to select amenities and facilities you would like to find at your destination.

The striking aspect of is that, thanks to Nano Solutions’ expertise in the field, navigating among its many features remains easy and intuitive, which is essential for a site with such a vast and varied audience, reaching peaks of over 150,000 active users every month.

The website’s content is integrated with:

  • The Bureau of Meteorology
  • SurfCOM API
  • Water and weather conditions
  • Swell, tide, marine data feed

It also includes private API and management console.

beachsafe website.jpg

BeachSafe Apps For iOS & Android

Nano Solutions also created dedicated apps for both iOS and Android platforms. These provide people on the go with the same level of information as the main website. The apps are simple to navigate, useful and easy on the eye.

Nano Solutions Can Do The Same For You

Nano Solutions specialize in implementing new technology for the ever evolving needs of businesses and organisations.

We are able to transform your current online presence into something more much functional, simple and appealing to your audience based on their needs and yours. The technology we provide can save time, increase productivity and keep your customers and staff happier.

Working with Nano Solutions is easy: you simply need to contact us and great things will happen!

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